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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I remember traveling to Colorado, in December, 1997. Hiking during the days was breathtaking (in exertion and beauty seen) whereas  cold snowy nights had this FL woman under blankets on a sleigh ride, or by the fireplace.    Back then, my wanderlust nature was in full steam.

Years ago were also times of strong self exploration---as I felt the muck and mire of...something... and wanted to unzip it like a tight wetsuit in a swampy horror film and step out. It wasn't the only time. That course of my life (self exploration) spanned from l984-2005.  Some times were tough, yet they also were...light. Light, in a sense of clarity in the heat.

Sometimes presently I think my embers of desire for discovery are glowing only. I peak in on them in my busy days, making sure they are not out, yet ---in these busy days/work and to dos--- they don't seem to get to burn brightly.  Sure sparks come at times.

Perhaps I need to add some new wood. I always liked burning pine.

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