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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas, 2011


  In wishing my writers group a Merry Christmas, 2010, in the post below, I'd add, in 2011, we've seen some come and go. We now have more members to name, and rather than do so and perhaps miss someone, I cast instead, glistening wishes out, for all--all writers, family, friends, colleagues, people--from birth to the aged, of all occupations/talents/skills and being, and send joy, peace and love.
  Peace and love. May we be open to experience more than is present. And on!
  May we all strive for our dreams and highest desires, live our lives to the fullest, and create the lives we want to look happily back on.


  Time flies--It was Halloween, now it's almost Christmas! Like many, I say, I blinked and time passed. It's interesting how that is, especially since during the days, I try to remind myself to be conscious of the moments. They feel so complete...divine...especially on the weekend mornings when it is quiet and sun glistens on the lake. I watch it through my window, have a sip of coffee with my strawberries, and edit through a story I'm preparing for Create Space and Smashword.
  While cleaning out drawers last night, I found my note I wrote for my writers group, last Christmas. We met for dinner. Thought I'd share. Friends are special, or groups we belong to where we enjoy. I enjoy my writers group very much, and am thankful for each.

12-09-10 (Self) Prompt :)  : They met at Tanners for holiday dinner.

It was the meeting for the holidays, 2010, of Hearts and Pens. Not "Pens" really...yet People Engaged N Serenity.      People: The writers           Engaged:  Minds bonded with writing instruments.
Serenity: Peace known to their hearts, through the act of writing.

  It was the writers group Christmas dinner. Instead of Come One, Come All, it was a merry few, who joined to represent the blessed souls whose hearts beat to words manifested on pages.

  To write, to join mind with paper. How does this bring such thrill to the being, tears to the eyes, laughter out of the lips, quiet moments to be thoughtful in?

  It is with words we communicate, bringing us closer in vision, in story, or at best, understanding.

  It is with words, we vibrate ourselves from thoughts and imagination. These take us into traveling around the world, throught the universe, or to the nearby, or within.  In moments of experiences of happiness, grief, wonderment, frustration, problems and resolutions, stories are told.

  It is with words we describe senses. Smells of rank--Steve's smelly fish along the beach's pristine sand and sea salt laden air,    to healing essences of flower oils. Sights of beauty's adornment, to the aghast that make us turn our heads in utter fear. We hear the soft breaths and feel the heat of it, from a lover...with words.

  We've cried with Rachel. Oh, how her words and poet-like writing, can touch and describe the intimate moments.

  And Helen--She is a maestro of writing children's stories!

  Listening, I have hunted through woods in my mind's eye, with Scottie. What a hoot!

  And into psychology of imagery with our German, John, running toward, yet not meeting, his beloved, due to circumstances, until peace enters...then bonding may return.

  Mermaids and adventures at sea, are brought in, naturally like the ocean's waves, by Joe. Joe...goodness, Joe. He who writes novels it seems in our 20 minute prompt time.  And the same may be said about John E. Illustrious Professor John, who can succulently bring in stories--through catacombs of imagined honey as it drips, slowly and thickly within his words. (I really like the old witch in the stormy night story!)

  Most of our prompts do become stories, somehow in the 20 minutes, and they are lovely and lively. Unless Chuck gives us a prompt which makes us melancholy--then we grace the sidewalks of death or dear sentiment.

  Chuck, our leader and winner of, how many FWA awards? CONGRATULATIONS! Now you lead us by example into the computer website and blogging, thank you!

  And our guests, at different times,have always been welcome and enjoyed. An open mat to any who feel the heart beat stronger, quicker--to slowed moments, drawn-in quiet thoughtfulness by the sight of a blank sheet of paper and pen, or computer screen.

  Happy Holidays to you all! I thank you for creating a safe haven, a wonderful explorative meeting place. I appreciate you all, and wish you a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, properous, joyful 2011--May all your dreams and goals come true!

  To you, my heart beats wishes of joy,